Available Dogs

Thank you so much for being interested in our dogs. Most of our rescued dogs are living in foster care. DOGzHAUS places dogs into foster homes after they have spent several weeks or months at the shelter without being adopted. This gives the dog a chance to recover from the stress of being kenneled, while providing space in the kennel for a new dog. Additionally, the foster volunteer has the opportunity to work with the dog to correct some of the behavior problems that may have led to the dog's surrender.

The more fosters we have, the more dogs we can rescue/save. If you can't adopt a dog, please consider being a foster. If you can't foster, please consider donating to the fund (any amount will be appreciated). DOGzHAUS depends entirely upon donations to continue saving lives.


The dogs on the list below are currently living in foster care (Mynka is at the boarding kennel) For more information, please go to our contact page and ask us!


You can also check our available dogs on ADOPT A PET website:



Please check out our available dogs below. We have several dogs who are not available yet because they were just rescued from the shelter, are still in medical condition or are still in training condition. Those dogs are getting treatment/training at their foster care and will be posted on this page as soon as they are ready for the adoption. If you don't find any dogs you are interested in, please contact us or come back to this page later. 

MYNKA (Pit Bull Terrier )- medium size- 
My name is Mynka.  She's a very happy and joyful 3 year old female Pit Bull Terrier. She is a doll, and her goofy ears and spotted belly are always the first things people fall in love with. She is great on a leash, well mannered in the home and love kids. Read More....
If you are interested in meeting her please fill out our "Adoption Application"

Brigit is 4 years old and joined DOGzHAUS from a local high kill shelter. She is safe at our foster care but still needs time to come out from her shell. She was very scared of people (has never shown fear aggression but runs away from people) but has been getting better and better. If you are interested in meeting her Please fill out our "Adoption Application"

SMOKEY (German Shepherd) - large size-


Smokey is 8 years old, neutered male German Shepherd who was rescued from local high kill shelter in Los Angeles. 80 pounds. He came to the shelter as Owner Surrender. He knows many commands, walks well on leash, loves car rides and is very smart. He was perfectly trained as a guard dog so he needs a handler who has a deep knowledge of this breed and a lot of experience.

Read More....

If you are interested in meeting Smokey, please "Contact Us".


LITTLE BUDDY (Border Collie mix) - medium size-

Little Buddy was wandering in a field near a Native American Reservation area in Palm Springs and rescued by our volunteer.  He is appx 2 -3 years old. Black and White color Border Collie mix. He is about 35 lbs and fully grown. 

He has been neutered, received UTD shots and microchipped. He is currently living with other dogs at his foster home but may be happier as an only dog in the household because he loves to get attention. 

Lenny (German Shepherd)-large size-

Neutered male. Approximately70lbs. UTD on shots, micro-chipped. We believe he's about 3 yrs old.

He has been in foster care and has been well socialized with dogs and people. He gets along well dogs of all sizes and is a very playful and friendly boy. LOVES people and children.  No cats.

If you are interested in meeting him Please fill out our "Adoption Application"

ZIGGY (Beagle/Jack Russell/Chihuahua mix)

- small size-

Ziggy is about 20 pounds, 5 years old, neutered male and super sweet. When Animal Control caught him on the street, he was actually staying with his dog friend who was hit by a car. Sadly, his best friend had a bad injury and passed. We could not ignore him and rescued from the local high kill shelter. He is great with people and other dogs. He is always happy, always positive. He loves to be around people including small children and play with other dogs as well. He is good with cats too.  

BOAR (mini pin mix) -small size-

Boar is about 10 years old, 16 lbs,  neutered male. His hearing is weak but is a very healthy dog. He is quiet and enjoys affection. He loves a walk but sleeps a lot during the day. A very lovable senior dog who is super sweet and good with other dogs. He would love to stay next to his person and follows the person everywhere. He is also house trained and crate trained. When we rescued him, he was under weight and did not have hair on his back/butt area. His fur has grown back except for his tail area. 

MYOKO (German Shepherd) -large size-

Myoko is 2-3 years old young female German Shepherd. She is about 70-75 lbs, light tan color with dark brown color on back. Black muzzle. She is good with most of other dogs. She is great with male dogs and may not be good with a dominant female large dog. She is very sweet and good to walk on a leash. 

RUSTY (Belgian Malinois) - large size-

Rusty just joined DOGzHAUS RESCUE from a local shelter. He just turned 1 year old, 60 lbs, neutered, received UTD shots and microchipped. He is a sweet dog but needs an experienced breed owner. He loves a training and requires a lot of exercise. As you see this breed in military all the time, Belgian Malinois is not for everyone. We prefer an experienced breed owner who understands to invest for the long term training and is active enough to give a proper exercise (normally this breed runs 10 miles a day or a similar exercise at least) 

AMELIA (German Shepherd) - large size- 

Amelia is great. She is good with other dogs and very sweet. She walks well on leash and well mannered on public. She recently removed her right eye due to glaucoma but it does not stop her to be active. One eye Amelia is nothing different from a normal dog and she has no problem to see in dark as well. 

We were told by the shelter that she was about 8 years old but our vet and we believe she is more like 4-5 years old. We guess she was in a bad shape when she came to the shelter and looked older. She is playful, loves her toys and doggie friends. About 60 lbs. A smaller size. 

SADIE (terrier mix) - small size-

Sadie's previous owner has been hospitalized and she needs her new home. She is appx 2 years old, 10 lbs, black color terrier mix. She knows several commands, crate trained and finished a puppy classes with a trainer. She is well behaved and friendly. 

PIPER (terrier mix) - small size-

Piper is about 15 lbs and 4-5 years old. She is already spayed, received UTD shots and microchipped. She was very scared in the shelter and we were told "she would bite" but we knew she was terrified in the scary shelter. Once we rescued, she has never shown any aggression. She is actually VERY sweet and friendly. Great with other dogs. She is terrier mix. Black and white color. 

PALOMA (Husky/Jindo mix) - large size-

Paloma was rescued from a junk yard in Colton. She is about 7-8 months old. Still has a good puppy energy. She gets along with other dogs very well. She is VERY sweet and loves people. 

She is appx 40 lbs. We believe she is still growing. We guess she is Husky/Jindo mix. 

LAIKA (German Shepherd) - large size-

Laika is appx 3.5-4 years old, spayed female and 63 lbs. She was abandoned in the empty house after her previous owner moved. We got a call and safely rescued her. She is great with other dogs, cats and very sweet to people. She has a mellow personality and walks very well on leash. 

DJANGO (Belgian Malinois/German Shepherd mix) 


Django is still 9 weeks old (as 03/12/2018) and not ready for the adoption yet. He came to our rescue as owner surrender. 

He is very active and needs a lot of exercise. He has a Mal personality in Shepherd size. He is required to be adopted by the breed experienced owner who understands this breed and provide a proper training. 

PACA (Lab mix) - large size-


Paca is appx 3 years old, spayed female and about 63 lbs. She is actually med-lrg size. (a little thick) 

She was abandoned in the empty house after her previous owner moved. We got a call and safely rescued her. She is great with other dogs and good with cats. She is great with children. She loves to play fetch but does not play with other dogs so she will be totally okay as an only dog in household. She is quiet and rarely bark. She has her old injury on her right front leg which sometimes make her tired. We checked her condition by x-ray. She has no broken bone or fracture. It's an old injury and her right front leg looks skinnier than the left one, but she is fine and NOT in pain. 

BELLA (Husky mix) -large size-

Bella is appx 13 years old. She found herself in a cold shelter in Lancaster after her previous owner passed away... she kept waiting for her owner and her time was running out. She was rescued by us from  the shelter soon after New Years Day. 

She has been taking a very long time to decompress and understand why her previous owner never come back. She is a mellow dog who is good with other dogs but she may prefer a quiet environment due to her age. She is spayed, microchipped, received UTD shots.About 65 lbs. 

JESSI (German Shepherd mix) - large size-

Jessi is about 3 years old, appx 65 lbs, German Shepherd mix. He gets along with other dogs. We do not know how he does with cats. He is good with people including children but we prefer to have the breed experienced owner because he likes to listen to a solid handler. He is already neutered, received UTD shots and microchipped. 

JOLIE (Doberman) - large size-

Hi!! My name is Jolie but my foster mom calls me Monkey because I play non stop. I’m 9 weeks old Doberman and about 10 lbs at this point. I am a little smaller than an average size but I have been having high protein puppy food (Wellness Core Puppy and chicken) and my foster mom said I was already bigger than last week! I received a set of puppy vaccination shots but am too young to have a rabies shot. I am also microchipped. I was spayed last week. My foster mom said my incision was healing nicely and I was doing so well, so I can be available for adoption. I will be a big girl. I am very sweet and love to play. I still eat 3-4 times a day. I’m not completely house broken yet but I am good if you could take me outside every 1-2 hour. I always copy my big foster brother and sisters so I pee and poop outside just like them. I sleep in my crate and won’t cry until you wake up in morning. My foster mom always say I’m a good girl. I need someone who can pay a lot of attention to me!