Available Dogs

Thank you so much for being interested in our dogs. Most of our rescued dogs are living in foster care. DOGzHAUS places dogs into foster homes after they have spent several weeks or months at the shelter without being adopted. This gives the dog a chance to recover from the stress of being kenneled, while providing space in the kennel for a new dog. Additionally, the foster volunteer has the opportunity to work with the dog to correct some of the behavior problems that may have led to the dog's surrender.

The more fosters we have, the more dogs we can rescue/save. If you can't adopt a dog, please consider being a foster. If you can't foster, please consider donating to the fund (any amount will be appreciated). DOGzHAUS depends entirely upon donations to continue saving lives.


The dogs on the list below are currently living in foster care (Mynka is at the boarding kennel) For more information, please go to our contact page and ask us!


You can also check our available dogs on ADOPT A PET website:



Please check out our available dogs below. We have several dogs who are not available yet because they were just rescued from the shelter, are still in medical condition or are still in training condition. Those dogs are getting treatment/training at their foster care and will be posted on this page as soon as they are ready for the adoption. If you don't find any dogs you are interested in, please contact us or come back to this page later. 

DARWIN (Staffordshire Terrier) - large size-
I am an extremely GENTLE and sensitive 3 year old red-nose Staffordshire Terrier. He weighs 65lbs, but everyone says he doesn't look that big! He is  always curious about what you are doing- and would love to be your shadow, your lap dog and your napping buddy if it's okay with you. Read More...

If you are interested in meeting him, please fill out our "Adoption Application"


MYNKA (Pit Bull Terrier )- medium size- 
My name is Mynka,  She's a very happy and joyful 3 year old female Pit Bull Terrier. She is a cloll, and her goofy ears and spotted belly are always the first things people fall in love with. She is great on leash, well mannered in the home and love kids. Read More....
If you are interested in meeting her please fill out our "Adoption Application"

Brigit is 2 years old and just joined DOGzHAUS from local high kill shelter. She is safe at our foster care but still needs a time to come out from her shell. She was very scared people (has never shown fear aggression but runs away from people) but has been getting better and better. If you are interested in meeting her Please fill out our "Adoption Application"

SMOKEY (German Shepherd) - large size-


Smokey is 8 years old neutered male German Shepherd Dog who was rescued from local high kill shelter in Los Angeles. 80 pounds. He came to the shelter as Owner Surrender. He knows many commands, walks well on leash, loves a car ride and is very smart. He was perfectly trained as a guard dog so he needs a handler who has a deep knowledge of this breed and a lot of experience.

Read More....

If you are interested in meeting Smokey, please "Contact Us".


CHARLIE (chihuahua mix) - small size-

They say the best things come in small packages...introducing " Little Charlie", barely five pounds of pure delight. Like his namesake the great Charlie Chaplin, little Charlie is a constant source of amusement and laughter. Indeed, if Charlie were to get a job, he would either be a clown or a politician. His playful and impish disposition would be perfect for a circus act. A "take charge" and charismatic personality plus a little sneakiness make him a perfect candidate for public office. A social butterfly,Charlie makes friends whenever he goes, of the four legged and two legged variety. Read More ......

If you are interested in meeting him, please fill out our Adoption Application.

OLIVER (terrier mix) -small size-

Oliver is appx 2 years old, neutered male, terrier mix. He is very shy at the beginning but warms up soon. Once he warms up, he will stay on your lap and enjoys affection. He gets along with other dogs very well. He is currently at his foster home and lives with some other small dogs and large dogs. About 15 lbs.

BUDDY (German Shepherd) - large size-


Buddy is 2 years old neutered male German Shepherd about 90 lbs. 

He is shy at the beginning and needs a little time to warm up with new people. We just rescued him from a local shelter and need to know him better. He seems okay with other dogs but needs more tests. More information about Buddy will be posted soon. 

Lenny (German Shepherd)-large size-

Neutered male. Approximately 70lbs. UTD on shots, micro-chipped and crate trained. We believes he's about 3 yrs old. Great with dogs of all sizes, cats, and everyone he has met.

He originally came to the shelter as a stray dog in end of June. Someone adopted him from the shelter in early October... For some reason, about a week after he adopted Lenny, he came back to the shelter and adopted one more shepherd as his second dog. She was dog aggressive and it didn't turn out well for Lenny. Read More.....


ABBY (Terrier mix) - small size-

MEET ADORABLE ABBY! Abby is a petite 3 yr old, 7lb Terrier Mix who was rescued by our rescue group from a local high kill shelter on her last day before she was schedule to be euthanized in the shelter. This tiny dancer charms her way into everyone's heart when she gets up on her hind legs and twirls around with happiness. Abby is good on leash and loves going on walks and playing with other dogs. She also has a cuddly side and enjoys keeping her people' laps warm. She sleeps soundly in her kennel each night. She is a great eater. Sometimes, she makes up for her small size with a bark at another dog she sees, but eagerly wags her tail when she meets them. She is potty trained at her foster home but will need to be shown the potty routine at her new house. ABBY is a winner with a sweet personality and loves to shower her person with kisses to show her affection!

If you are interested in her, please fill our "Adoption Application"

ATHENA (German Shepherd)- large size-


A gentle Athena is very sweet and loves people and other dogs. The shelter said she was 11 years old but we are guessing she might be about 7-8 years old. She is currently receiving the vet treatment for her paw injury and also has a minor hip dysplasia. She walks well and enjoys her play time. She has a mellow personality. About 65 lbs and needs to gain at least 10 more pounds. 

LITTLE BUDDY (Border Collie mix) - medium size-

Little Buddy was wandering on field near Indian Reservation area in Palm Springs and rescued by our volunteer.  He is appox 2 years old. Black and White color Border Collie mix. He is about 35 lbs and fully grown. 

We will provide more information about Little Buddy soon. 

MIKE (Beagle/Jack Russel/Chihuahua mix)

- small size-

Mike is about 20 pounds, 5 years old, neutered male and super sweet. He is great with people and other dogs. He was just rescued from a local high kill shelter and we need more time to know him better.

He has a medical issue and is required more tests. 

More information is coming soon. 


BILBO (terrier mix) - small size-


Meet BILBO!!! BILBO is an adorable, scruffy, grey and brown 5 yr old, 16 lb NEUTERED male Terrier Mix who is people oriented and adores sharing pets and kisses on the lap of his "own special person"! He is quiet and a little shy when he meets new people but warms up in 5-10 min and asks more affection. He is good with children too.BILBO is fine around other dogs but will do great as an only dog. He's not so interested in playing with other dogs but he enjoys being in their company and will lay down next to them when things quiet down. We don't know how he is with cats or other small pets, but we have a feeling he does fine with them. He ignores small animals including a cat when he encounters them during the walk. He has never shown any aggression.BILBO walks great on leash, rides nicely in the car, and is crate trained. Once he learned the routine in his foster home he no longer minds spending time alone.This great guy is quite low maintenance with a low shedding coat. Overall BIBLO is a good boy who will make a someone a great companion. If you are looking to find a new small sized furry best friend, then look no further than BILBO.

BOBBY (toy poodle mix) - small size-

Bobby came to a local shelter as a stray dog with matted dirty coat. The shelter had to shave him and found out he was very under weight. He is currently 4 pounds. He is safe with our rescue at his foster home and has been recovering from a tough period. Once he is about 6 pounds, he will be neutered and be available for adoption. 

ASH (German Shepherd) - large size- 

Ash is a 5 months old white German Shepherd. 

He was just rescued from a local shelter. More information coming soon.

KAIDA (German Shepherd) - large size- 

Kaida is beautiful sable color German Shepherd. She is about 1 year old or a little younger, 65-70 lbs, spayed female and good with other dogs in any size and cats. She still has a puppy energy and loves to exercise and play with other dogs. Her foster is a great dog person who can manage this breed and has an amazing dog pack. He originally did not plan to foster or own Kaida but was just dog-sitting for her owner who was his close friend... but the owner wanted him to keep Kaida with him... well.. even though he liked Kaida so much, he already owned enough number of dogs.. so he thought it was the best for Kaida to find a home. We decided to take her into our rescue to help finding her forever home and he is going to "foster" her until she finds the right adopter. I think she will be a good fit for person who is active, already has at least one dog (so she can play) and is a breed experienced owner (because she still needs some training as a young shepherd). She is sweet with any people but her energy level might not be good for small children..depends on their experience level. 

ROSIE (Pit Bull mix) - large size-

Rosie was just rescued from a local high kill shelter. About 60 lbs, 2 years old, brown color, good with other dogs and cats. She is very sweet and seems like she is good in an obedience training. We will provide more information about Rosie soon. 

JAZZY (toy poodle mix) - small size-


Jazzy is appx 5 years old, 11 lbs, spayed female.

She was just rescued from a local high kill shelter.

we will provide more information about her soon. 

SCOOTER (spaniel mix) - small size-

Meet Fabio! He is super friendly and gets attached to you from day one! As soon as you meet him, he comes to you, follows you everywhere and enjoys affection. He is Spaniel mix but we do not know what kind of Spaniel mix he is (maybe Pomeranian?). Whatever he is, he is super cute and sweet. 
He is about 1.5-2 years old. About 16-17 lbs. His fur is beautiful tan/white/golden color and he has a beautiful long tail. Already neutered and crate-trained. We just rescued him from a local high kill shelter and will know him better to provide more information. So far, we have not seen any negative side from him. He must be great with children as well. He is very submissive and great with any dogs (in any size). He met a cat but was not so interested in it. He can be very playful but is normally very quiet and affectionate. He received UTD shots and microchipped as well.