It takes a village to save just ONE dog......

Thank you very much for working with DOGzHAUS Rescue

Animal Specialty Group is our main vet. Our rescued dogs with serious medical issues are treated by the wonderful vets at ASG. Click photo for their website

North Figueroa Animal Hospital is one of our main vets. Most of our rescued dogs visit this clinic straight from the shelter for a vet check and blood work so we can make sure the dog's health condition before it's placed in the foster care. Click photo for their website.

Katella Animal Clinic is one of our main vets in Orange County area. We have several fosters not only in LA area but also in Orange County area as well. Our rescue dogs in OC area normally go to this clinic for their veterinary care.

Labs and Friends is a 501c3 non profit rescue group and has worked and helped DOGzHAUS rescue all the time. They also have so many available dogs for adoption.

Home Dog LA is a non profit organization who runs North Central Shelter Intervention Program. It is based at the North Central Shelter in Los Angeles and serves the surrounding comminuty. Often, the last thing a pet owner wants to do is to surrender their pet to a shelter, but issues do arise. So they ask what they can do to solve those issues, and help people keep their beloved pets. Thanks to NCSIP's help, so many people were able to keep their dog with them instead of surrendering at the shelter. Click the photo for their website

Friend of North Central Shelter

Many our rescued dogs came from North Central Shelter. Friend of North Central Shelter is ran by volunteer group on Facebook. They take pictures and videos for networking shelter dogs who are on urgent.

Please go to and search "Friend of North Central Shelter"

Thinking to get tatoo? Contact a tatoo artist Luis and mention to him "DOGzHAUS." You will get a great tatoo and Luis will donate 10% of tatoo price to us! His tatoo studio is located in Hollywood, CA.

Click photo for his website.

At you can celebrate your special family member with personalized pet products such as Pet Clothing, Collars, Pet Beds, Calendars, Trading Cards and More!
Just 4 Pet donates $1 per item to DOGzHAUS.
Click photo to link their website!

Amanda Foundation is a non profit organization and have been helping some of our dogs with medical issue. Click photo for their website

Dog trainer, Evelyne Boyd, has over 30 years experience using a variety of training techniques based on lots of praise and love. She provides you with a positive foundation for establishing a healthy relationship with your dog. Please go to her website: for more details