She is a little shy at the beginning but takes a very short time (like 5 -30 min) to warm up with new people. She is actually very affectionate and sweet. 
She is shy with new dogs as well and may show a little confusion, but she warms up with them very quickly. She is currently at her foster home with another large dog. She warms up quickly to a submissive dog. We guess her shelter experience traumatized her and her shyness has been caused from the scary experience. She is so loving and highly trainable. She ignored other dogs on the street during the walk and also has been doing very well at the group training class with other dogs around. 
If you have other dog and are an experienced dog owner and can give her few days to warm up in new environment, she will be your best friend forever. If you do not have any dogs and would like to welcome her as the only dog, that will be great as well because she really loves to be next to people.

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