Steven Chihuahua/Mini Pin (but looks like a mini Shepherd Approx 3 years old. 10-11 lbs -Small Size-

He is very sweet and good with other dogs of his size or a little bigger. He is a little scared a large dog over 60lbs. He is the sweetest and most affectionate dog but is scared of loud noises. This makes us think he went through some tough times on the street before he was brought to the local shelter. Even though he is good with other dogs, he may be suitable as an only dog or in a small dog pack (1-2 other dogs).

He tries too hard to get your attention when he is in a large pack like 5 dogs or more.

He is quiet and sits right next to you or sleeps on your lap all day in a quiet environment. All what he wants is to feel "secure" and "love."

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